About ABSL digital forum 2020

The ABSL digital forum “Business Resilience in the Face of Crisis” attracted over 700 viewers, who followed 55 experts participating in eight interactive panel debates. The discussions focused on the following crucial issues:

  • the current condition of the business services sector in the post-Covid economic reality,
  • the emerging trends that are shaping present and future business activities,
  • the qualities of leadership necessary to effectively tackle current economic volatility.

The latest ABSL annual report on the business services sector in Poland shows not only its increasingly strong position on the global market, but also its maturity. This trend is supported by more organic growth and a gradual shift from back-office to middle-office functions. With more advanced services attracting a highly skilled workforce and a strongly shaping trend of near-shoring, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive location for a number of business ventures presently located in other parts of the world.

The Forum proved to be an effective springboard for insightful and comprehensive discussion on the nature of business resilience in the post-Covid economic reality, and the trends that are currently emerging, which might end up shaping business activity in the near future.


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